SCL Competition Program

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791)   The ABC
Herwig Reiter (*1941)   Bitte Betti
Hungarian Folksong, Zoltán Kodály (1882 - 1967)   See the Gypsies
American Traditional Spiritual, Arranged by James Mckelvy (*1917)   Steal Away
Otmar Macha (*1922)   Hoj, Hura, Hoj (O, Mountain, O)
Randall Thompson (1899 - 1984)   Choose Something Like a Star
American Spiritual. Arranged by William Dawson (1886 - 1970)   Ev'ery Time I Feel the Spirit


Additional Concerts Program

John W. Peterson (1921 - 2006)   Let the Whole World Know
David L. Brunner   Yo Le Canto Toda El Dia
Don Besig (*1936)   Flying Free
Pablo Casals (1876 - 1973)   Nigra Sum (I am Black)
Hoagy Carmichael (1899 - 1981), Arranged by Richard Osborne (*1964)   Jubilee
Walter Hawkins (1949 - 2010), Arranged by Martin Sirvatka   I am Goin' up a Yonder
Allister MacGillivray
Arranged by Stuart Calvet (*1948)
  Away from the Roll of the Sea
Gospel Spiritual. Arranged by Paul Caldwell & Sean Ivory   Go Where I Send Thee
American Folk Song
Arranged by Kevin Riehle
Masato Kobayashi   Asu Wo Shin Jite (Hope for Tomorrow)
Traditional Filipino Folk Song, Arranged by Martin Ellis & Henry Leck   Paruparong Bukid (The Butterfly Field)
Chinese Yun-Nan Folk Song
Arranged by Hong Nien Young
  撒尼少年跳月来 (Moon Dance of Sha-Ni Youth)
Chinese Qin-Hai Folk Song
Arranged by Lin, Fu-Yuh (*1931)
  在那遙遠的地方 (In that Far Off Place)
Chinese Xin-Jiang Folk Song, Arranged by Samuel Lin (*1942)   在銀色的月光下 Under the Silver Moonlight
Taiwanese Yi-Nan Folk Song
Arranged by Lu, Chuan-Shen (1916 - 2008)
  Diu-Diu-Dang-Ah (The Train)
Taiwanese Aboriginal Folk Song
Arranged by Lu, Chuan-Shen (1916 - 2008)
  Happy Gathering
John W. Peterson (1921 - 2006)   Let the Whole World Know