Workshops & Master Classes

anthonisLuc Anthonis

At the Royal Flemish Music Conservatory of Antwerp Luc Anthonis received qualifications for solfeggio, flute, chambermusic, harmony, choral conducting.

He rounded out his knowledge on choral conducting in master classes with Eric Ericson, Simon Halsey, Péter Erdei, Jan Eelkema, Michael Scheck and others.

In 1980 Luc Anthonis took over the choir Cantilene from its founder Jozef Cleymans and in 1989 he himself founded the Vocal Ensemble Cantando. He still is the conductor of both choirs. The latter has won a great number of prizes in (inter)national competitions.

He conducts the Flemish Radio Choir on a regular basis and has been choirmaster of an international choir in Italy for four years. He gave choralconducting masterclasses in Bludenz (Austria).

Luc Anthonis is a standard member of the jury for the international youth choir competition in Neerpelt (EMJ-Belgium).

In September 2007 Luc Anthonis became professor of choral conducting at the Royal Flemish Music Conservatory in Antwerp (Belgium).

Since 1982 Luc Anthonis has taught flute and instrumental ensemble at the Ekeren music academie (Antwerp-Belgium). Over the years his “Strings Ensemble” has grown to become the “Symphonic Ensemble of Ekeren” (SEE), one of the few “School Symphonic Orchestras” in Belgium.